Painting Over Laminate/Melamine Can It Be Done?

As a professional Painter I often get asked can you Paint over Melamine/Laminate? The answer is yes but it has to be done correctly & critical steps need to be followed to ensure the Paint will stick to the surface & not come off easily, firstly you will need to gather the right equipment before commencing the Project,

Tools & Equipment Needed

(1) 150 Grit Sandpaper

(2) Sugar Soap & a Clean Cloth

(3) Safety Goggles & Mask

(4) Screwdriver or Drill to remove handles & Hinges

(5) 2 4 mill Nap Micro fibre Rollers

(6) 50mm Paint Brush

(7) Zinsser Smart Prime Undercoat

(8) Topcoat (Haymes Ultra Trim Gloss Acrylic is recommended)

Painting of Melamine/Laminate is not an easy task and can cost a fair amount of money but is not expensive when compared to getting a new kitchen fitted follow these critical steps below to ensure it is done correctly.

(1) Remove all Door Handles & Unscrew hinges inside Cupboard, you do not want to be cutting around these with a brush you want to be able to roll the whole surface for a smooth even finish

(2) Wipe down surface with a cloth using Sugar Soap & Wipe down with a dry Cloth.

(3) Ensure you suit up with a safety mask & Goggles and lightly sand the surface in a circular motion until surface is lightly scuffed up and not as shiny as it was previously.

(4) using a fine roller 4mill nap is recommended roll on the Zinsser Smart Prime Undercoat ensure you do all edges also & wipe of any fatty edges to opposite side & lightly roll over to lay off the face you just painted to ensure you have no fatty edges to undercoated face, once dry turn over place on a drop cloth and repeat to opposite side, again make sure there or no fatty edges to sides of doors if so just wipe off with a dry cloth to remove, you want to do this process twice to apply 2 coats of undercoat lightly sanding in a circular motion between coats.

(5) now its time to apply the topcoat, a high gloss or semi gloss finish is recommended for easy cleaning of cupboards, again you just lightly sand in a circular motion & wipe off with a damp cloth to ensure all dust is removed before applying the topcoat, follow the same steps as you did when applying undercoat, I recommend you do this process twice as you did with the undercoat, by this time you should have applied 4 Coats off paint, for sides of cabinets that are fixed to kitchen that you cant remove you will need to cut in with a brush that is ok you just don’t want to be cutting around door handles & hinges so is best you remove them as suggested earlier.

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