Paint Primer

Paint Primer types & why is it necessary?

There are 2 types of Primers, regular primer & also Stain-block Primers

Regular Primer:

Priming is a procedure taken before applying layers of Paint (topcoat) & is a must for just about every painting project you will come across, primers also known as undercoats use different chemical formulation or resin & pigments compared to a regular paint, primer or undercoat uses an adhesive resin smoothen the surface, in some cases it is needed to give the coats of regular paint something to bite into & stick to,

2 Important tips to remember:

(1) If the surface is bare (never been Painted) it is recommended to use a 3 coat system 1 primer, 2 coats of regular paint, (remember 3 thin coats of Paint is better than 2 thick coats for an even finish)

(2) If the surface has been previously Painted a 2 coat system will be fine unless you require 3 coats for coverage – in most cases you can get the paint supplier to tint the primer to the same colour that the regular paint will be that will be applied

Stain-block Primer

These primers come in both water based & also oil based and are generally used to block stains & mould that will bleed back through a regular primer as it dries, e.g ink stains, nicotene stains, along with chemical stains from cleaning etc, you will generally find mould in wet area rooms such as laundry, bathrooms toilets etc and also in kitchens, if the wrong paint has been applied previously as these areas need a different paint to other rooms generally on the ceilings, if painting over mould it is essential to wash the surface down first with a sugar soap before applying undercoat all quality wall paints will be made for these areas which you generally uses through the whole house you only need to change when it comes to the ceiling paint in these areas, both the water based & oil based stain-block primers are both quick drying, when using these products the best brands to use is the Zinsser range of stain-block primers they are of the highest quality and we highly recommend that range of stain-blockers.

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