Can You Paint Acrylic Gloss Over Oil Based Gloss Enamel?

The answer is yes but there are critical steps you must follow in order to get the acrylic gloss to bite into and stick to the substrate to prevent the paint from scraping off when knocked or hit & to prevent the paint from flaking.

(1) Give the substrate a good hard sand to scuff up the surface & to take the shine off.

(2) Apply a Zinsser cover stain undercoat we strongly recommend the turps based Zinsser undercoat when doing this procedure, (yellow label) it is a quick dry undercoat.

(3) Once undercoat is dry approximately 20 mins depending on the temperature when being applied, check the surface with a floodlight to pick up any imperfections in the surface, the light will highlight imperfections you cant see to the eye or with natural light but the hidden imperfections will be highlighted & stand out once the gloss is applied.

(4) Once the filler is dry give the surface a light sand to make smooth, dust down with a clean dusting brush & wipe over with a slightly damp rag, be sure not to rub down to hard, you don’t want to take off any undercoat that was applied you just need to remove the surface dust that the duster didn’t remove.

(5) Now its time to apply the acrylic gloss,

For skirting boards, window and door architraves apply by brush and lightly lay off with a fine micro – fibre medi roller to remove any brush marks,

for doors don’t brush on first just apply with a 270mm micro fibre roller with 4mm nap the finer the nap the smoother the finish a smooth finish is critical when painting doors to achieve a professional finish, once gloss is applied by roller you must also roll over the door very lightly from one side to another with a dry roller, the same roller you just used just without dipping it into paint to even out the paint and remove any roller marks (train tracks as us professionals call them) this process is called laying off and is a must when doing any roller finishes apply 2 coats of gloss over the undercoat using this system then your done.

(6) let the paint dry naturally acrylic gloss will dry off quickly in about 10 minutes but paint does take 72 hours to cure there is a big difference between dried paint & cured paint, or you can contact Lasting Impressions Painting & Décor for a free quote & let our experienced & professional team do all the hard work for you.

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